HMR - A Trauma Resolution Technique

By Megan Mahoney, MS, LCPC, CPC

Holographic Memory Resolution®(HMR) is a recently introduced mind-body trauma release technique developed by Brent Baum, STB, SSL, CADC, LISAC, CCH. This “client centered” method allows quick access to past memories and resolution of the emotions associated with the traumatic events without the client having to relive the original trauma.

Based on the premise that trauma is stored subconsciously and automatically in a millisecond in the nervous system, HMR works to reframe the body memory associated with the emotional aspects of this event without the client re-experiencing the emotional pain associated with the original traumatic incident. Those clients who struggle to be hypnotized, or cannot visualize or access memories, generally report this process to be easy and effective. Through verbal guidance from the therapist, the traumatic event is emotionally reframed using the client’s own primary language of color, and transmitted to the nervous system.

Because trauma contributes to many issues with mental health, disease and chronic pain syndromes, in addition to their emotional progress, clients can show improvement when they no longer experience the triggers that contribute to their physical pain, flashbacks and health problems. The client generally feels the effects of the resolution immediately. Sometimes there are other traumatic events associated with the original event that need to be addressed later, but the first event can be reframed and changed in that original session.

Holographic Memory Resolution® helps the client learn how to heal themselves, altering the emotions that were stored in the cells of their bodies at the time of the event in the past. Through the release of this emotional charge, clients can come to live their lives feeling more empowered and present and not overwhelmingly affected by past traumatic events.