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We welcome your comments or suggestions about our practice.  Please use this form to submit questions, requests, or to give feedback.  Click the submit button to send your message.  Please limit your communication to that of a non-confidential nature due to it being transmitted over the Internet.Arbor Counseling Center treats the entire family- even your little ones.

Counselors can be reached at: 847-913-0393 and their extensions or by email.

Contact Counselors Directly

Lisa Aranas, MA, JD, LCPC 847.913.0393 x 136
Nancy Belvisi, LCSW 847-913-0393 x 123
James Brydon, LCSW, ACSW 847-913-0393 x 111
Dan Brzostowski, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 126
Judy Carlson, LCSW 847-913-0393 x132
Dennis Coghlin, LCSW 847-913-0393 x 120
Stacey Coleman, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 121
Sue De Luca, LCSW 847-913-0393 x 125
Allison DeSantis, LCPC 847-913-0393 x143
Julie Faulkner, LCSW 847-913-0393 x116
Hal Filian, LCSW, CADC 847-913-0393 x 112
Janice Finerty, LCSW 847-913-0393 x 142
Kathleen Friddle,  LCPC 847-913-0393 x 131
Kate Geiser, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 137
Janet Goss, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 144
James Grimm, MA, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 141
Aaron Homan, LCPC 847-913-0393 x118
Ruth Johnson, LCSW 847-913-0393 x127
Claré Kasemeier, LCSW 847-913-0393 x149
Cindy Lichterman, MS, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 138
David Lyke, MA, MDiv, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 133
Bob Marsh, LCSW 847-913-0393 x 140
Laura McDonald, LCSW 847-913-0393 x 130
Matthew McDonald, LCPC, LMFT 847-913-0393 x 115
Jeffery Miller, LCPC, CADC 847-913-0393 x 117
Faye Minkow, LCSW 847-913-0393 x146
Lou Mongillo, LCSW 847-913-0393 x 124
Stephanie Russo, LCPC 847-913-0393 x139
Rena Sauvé-Hansen, LCPC, CPC 847-913-0393 x148
Julie Spokane, LCSW, ACSW 847-913-0393 x 135
Scott E. Stolarick, LCPC 847-913-0393 x 129
Abby Watel, LCSW, ACSW 847-913-0393 x 134
Glenn Weiss, LCSW, CADC 847-913-0393 x 113

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Any email communication is not for emergency purposes. If this is a life threatening emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Otherwise, we will respond to your message within 48 hours.