Janice Finerty, LCSW

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Janice Finerty, LCSW
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I enjoy working with each client individually to identify goals for change along with the method of treatment. I specialize in resolving the negative or distressing experiences that can keep us stuck in behaviors or with feelings that can be overwhelming and at times debilitating. Problems often occur as result of coping skills we adapt over our lifetime that are no longer functional. Problems occur when negative experiences are stored in a state that is easily triggered which causes emotional and behavioral reactivity or shut down. I use a combination of therapies that allow these negative experiences to be stored in a more stable state to allow lasting life change to be fully realized.

I use several reprocessing therapies, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and CRM (comprehensive resource model) together with other therapeutic strategies to help my clients get the change they are looking for.


Bachelor of Science in Biology from Illinois State University, 1989
Masters of Social Work from Loyola University, 2007

Clients Served: Couples, Adolescents, Adults, Families

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