Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a counselor, social worker, a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

Social workers, licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPC), psychologists and psychiatrists are all fully trained mental health professionals, state licensed and experienced in a wide range of mental health treatment modalities. Clinical social workers and LCPCs have master’s level degrees in social work or counseling, which includes training and several years of supervised experience in a number of mental health settings. A psychologist has received a PhD or Psy.D degree which includes an internship in a mental health setting. Psychologists are also trained in psychological testing. A psychiatrist is a physician with an M.D. degree with doctoral training and specialization in mental health. Psychiatrists may prescribe medication.

What if I need medication in addition to therapy?

Psychologists, social workers and licensed clinical professional counselors do not prescribe medication, but do work closely with psychiatrists and physicians who do prescribe. If it appears that medication might be appropriate, your therapist will discuss this with you and recommend that you speak with a physician to schedule an evaluation. If you wish, your therapist can speak with the physician to assist the doctor in determining the right intervention to provide the best overall coordination of care. Your therapist would need a signed consent form from you to speak with your physician.

What is the length of the sessions?

Most sessons are from 45 to 60 minutes in length. Initial evaluations sometimes take longer.

Does Arbor take my insurance?

Therapists at Arbor Counseling Center are providers for a variety of health insurance panels. Please click on insurance to view the list of affiliated insurance companies. To verify if a particular therapist is a provider in your plan, call our office manager at 847-913-0393 or call the mental health network number usually provided on the back of your insurance card. Your portion of the cost will vary based on your coinsurance, copay and/or deductible. We also accept clients who do not wish to utilize their insurance benefits.

Is counseling confidential?

Yes. However in certain situations an Arbor therapist is required by law to reveal information obtained during therapy without your permission. These situations include:

If you disclose the intention to harm yourself or another person
If a court of law issues a legitimate court order that is signed by a judge
If you reveal information concerning the physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect of a child (in the past as well as in the present).

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