Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy…wealthy…and wise…so said Benjamin Franklin. Is there anything to it?

Science has proven that early to bed and early to rise helps you deal better with negativity and enhances your chances of success. Morning people are more persistent, cooperative, agreeable, conscientious, and proactive. Sleep keeps you healthy. Sleep reduces stress and make you happier. Sleeping well makes you procrastinate less. It also makes you look better. (entrepreneur.com article 2/28/2017)

Sleep is very important. Sleep is when the body repairs itself, physically, mentally and emotionally. Sleep deprivation can make one irritable, and with long deprivation it can result in hallucinations/delusions and even death.

The ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep well is an art. Some persons seem to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Others find sleep alludes them no matter what. So what can we do to enhance our sleep.

1. Enjoy daily sunlight or artificial bright light.

2. Engage in some physical activity every day, as your body can tolerate

3. Turn off all “blue light”, television, computer, smartphone, tablet, kindle, at least two hours before attempting to sleep. Blue light tricks your body into thinking it is daytime.

4. Refraining from Caffeine in the afternoon, which includes coffee, chocolate, and some teas.

5. Resist the urge to take long daytime naps.

6. Establish a regular wake and sleep cycle, including weekends.

7. If a supplement is needed, talk to your doctor about using a Melatonin supplement, which can improve sleep quality and fall asleep faster. Other supplements, including lavender and magnesium can also help with relaxation and sleep quality

8. Make your sleeping arrangement comfortable, with a good mattress and pillow. Monitor the temperature. You might even try a weighted blanket.

9. A warm relaxing bath has proven to be helpful in bringing satisfying sleep.

10. Lastly, if you continue to struggle with a good sleep on a regular basis talk to your doctor about a sleep study, which can rule out other things that may be inhibiting your ability to get a healthy sleep cycle.