With all the stress and anxiety happening in our lives right now we want to be able to continue to compassionately serve you during this time. We are open to provide care to new and existing clients through tele-health services.
Here are some reasons to consider tele-health now rather than waiting until we can return to in-person sessions:
  1. Safety – one sure way to still have service without any risk
  2. Trauma – many of us are feeling the traumatic effects of the pandemic and our counselors can help with resiliency and coping skills
  3. Cost – all fully funded insurance plans cover at 100% with no co-pays right now
  4. Convenience – many clients are enjoying the benefits of tele-health services as they are able to save time on travel, no need to get ready and leave the comfort of your home, appointment times are also more flexible to accommodate your schedule.
Please call the office at 847-913-0393 or contact your therapist directly. We will get through this together!