Shine On

The sun shines on everyone without discrimination. – Pema Chodron, Buddhist

None of us thrives in darkness. We need to step out from the shadows to soak up the energy that comes from the light. Yet, sometimes we can feel as if grace and fate and all good things are beyond our grasp. That we have missed our chance, that our flaws and mistakes eliminate our access to universal goodness. Yet, in truth, the sun doesn’t ask our permission to cloak us in its healing. Simply being on this earth is our entrance fee to its sustaining and fueling charge. We don’t need to “earn” our place in the sun. It’s the same with our worth. Acknowledging our innate value, that we matter simply because we exist, is our birthright. As we can choose to turn our faces toward the sun, we can embrace our lives–each and every one of us–as the singular gifts they are from the universe. Let it shine. Let US shine, as brightly as the Earth’s star.