Sober Living

Abstinence is NOT sobriety. Abstaining from drugs, alcohol or an addictive process like gambling or sex is the beginning stage of recovery, the foundation to living a sober lifestyle. Sobriety is the long, challenging, but rewarding journey of living a life of integrity, service to others, spiritual development and accountability. Many addicts can have periods of being “clean”, and can fall into the trap of false hope that they ca n stay clean by simply resisting the urge to use. But treatment specialists know that, time and again, addicts will fall back into their addiction if they are not learning, practicing and living by the tenets of a sober life. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and many other 12-step groups provide a structure, a community, for addicts to learn the life skills and develop the spiritual foundation to help them sustain their abstinence and develop a healthy, truly sober way of living. Being sober includes fostering respectful relationships, being transparent and honest in what we say and do, and shedding the self-centeredness that marks the addict’s movement through the world. Only through sobriety can addicts hope to connect with others, with their Higher Power, and find the strength to make using truly a part of their past, and not a constant threat to their present. Abstinence allows us to
put on the running shoes, but sobriety gives us the strength, faith and hope to finish the race.