Most of us know that the quest for perfection is futile. Try as we might, we know we will make mistakes. We will blunder and fail. We will fall short of a goal. But recognizing that we cannot be perfect doesn’t mean that we feel “good enough.”

From Good to Great? 
Clients often share their feelings of not being “good enough”. They talk about wanting to be better, to do better, to learn and grow and improve.  But rarely do I cross paths with someone who has “gotten there” — who has made it to the elusive state of “good enough.” It’s as if we believe that growth and enrichment aren’t valuable in their own rights–we must go beyond that to feel satisfied. What would happen if we looked at ourselves in the moment and allowed that we are “good enough” just as we are, right now. We don’t have to strive to do more or stretch farther. In this moment, who we are and what we do can be good enough. Rather than looking into the future to a time when we will be better parents, partners, workers or friends, we can accept that we already are. Somehow, we fool ourselves into believing that only through striving and effort can we earn our place at the table, and that, unless we are straining forward, we are not doing enough. We set ourselves up to believe that being acceptable is always out of our grasp. I suggest we break the mirror that reflects distorted visions of who we must be. Embrace who you are right now. Enjoy the freedom of release from the idea that anything about you could still be wanting. Regard yourself as you do those you cherish. Our loved ones don’t have to “be more” to earn our adoration and respect. Nor do we. We are enough. We are good enough. Already.