As Halloween approaches, the stores are full of spooky decorations, pumpkins for carving, and costumes for adults and children, even pets. Rows of masks crowd shelves overflowing with orange plastic Jack 0’lanterns and bags of candy. Masks of former Presidents, movie stars, scary clowns, devilish ghouls. For most consumers, these masks will be worn for one day, then discarded. But many of us wear masks of a different type every day of the year.

Take Off the Mask 
Whether we present a confident facade during a job interview or a stern countenance when reprimanding our children, we sometimes show the world what we want it to see, rather than who we truly are in that moment. Certainly, adopting a certain persona can help us deal with a stressful situation or allow us to feel more in control when we are feeling uncertain. But these adopted roles can also prevent genuine connection. Only when we are authentic can others respond to our true selves and messages. We can only know others when they allow us to see their authentic reactions and uncensored responses. Connecting with one another takes the courage to be real, to risk shedding the masks and allowing our real selves to see the light. Let’s leave the masks for those singular days of make believe, and treat ourselves to the opportunity to meet each other in genuineness and truth.