Thirst trap ​refers to our desire for attention on social media. Recent studies suggest that our minds are bathed with a dopamine rush when our post is acknowledged on Facebook or we are tagged on Twitter. The same pleasure hormone that is triggered by drug use or a satisfying meal, dopamine rewards us with intensely positive sensations that leave us with one craving: MORE. We can easily fall prey to the addictive quality of this process, losing time, connection
with others, myriad opportunities.

We can combat this “pull” by reasserting our control of simple processes: our actions, senses, breath, and thoughts.

ACTIONS: We can choose to behave with consciousness and intention. We can approach others and ourselves with compassion, integrity and loving-kindness.

SENSES: We can enjoy time in nature, bathing our senses with the sights, sounds and smells of the natural world. We can expose ourselves to stimuli that reassure and soothe us.

BREATH: Learning and practicing deep breathing techniques can help us get rooted in our bodies, slow our racing thoughts, reconnect to our true nature.

THOUGHTS: Exerting control of our thoughts is essential to developing a sense of peacefulness and calm. Choosing thoughts that move us forward, focusing on positive energy and sending out thoughts of healing, grace and hope help us to feel empowered and centered.

Social media is a part of modern life, and these platforms offer opportunities for education, entertainment and even enlightenment. But remaining in conscious control of our bodies, breathing and thoughts can provide us with satisfaction and contentment beyond the “rush.”