The hiking paths in Red Rock Canyon provide breathtaking views of red mountain ranges, limestone formations that have existed since the time of dinosaurs, and occasional sightings of wildlife–from thumb-sized geckos to stubby burros and majestic wild horses. The landscape is dotted with cactus, mesquite, patches of wild, deep green grasses. Making our way across the rocky trails was a reminder of how we — like nature — rely on our environment for sustenance and support. When drought hits, animals can count on the lifesaving liquid inside the cacti to tide them over until the rains come. Shallow, dry river beds are dotted with stones and boulders that artfully contain rainfall and direct it to parched areas that need it most. Like the interconnectedness of desert animal to its landscape, we humans are as much a part of each other’s survival. The mountain caves offer cool respite on scorching summer days, as we can provide a safe embrace for those who are overcome by life stressors. As the sun-heated rocks support nimble lizards with a natural “warming station,” our words of comfort and encouragement can help others access their courage to take risks to move toward better circumstances. Like the river beds protect the water supply, we can guard each other’s dreams and provide emotional sustenance. We are part of a system that grows and thrives optimally when we allow  our individual gifts to be “used” by one another to move us all forward.